A great day on Scilly

We spent most of yesterday on Tresco where we saw the Hudsonian Whimbrel – see here. After coming back from Tresco we went round to Penninis on St Mary to see the Blyth’s pipit. My photos are  not great because it was quite a long way off.

Blyth's pipit 2
Blyth’s Pipit

Blyth's pipit 1
A blown up image of the back of the bird showing its covert feathers – black spots with tawny lower margins

V zonaria
On Tresco I found this hoverfly – Volucella zonaria – which is a large fly which mimics a hornet

Prickly stick insect
Also found a prickly stick insect – they live in the wild on Tresco but are originally from New Zealand – It is about 6″ long and is quite impressive

Prickley stick insect 2
A close up of the prickles

Ring ouzelWe found 4 ring ouzels on Penninis – here is one of them

And this smart little stonechat

Scilly 1
Sunset across to St Agnes from St Marys




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