The Hudsonian Whimbrel on Tresco

I’m on holiday for a week’s holiday on the Isles of Scilly. We have been to Tresco today to see a Hudsonian Whimbrel (amongst lots of other things). This is a very rare vagrant from North America and I think there have only been 11 other records in Britain!

Hudsonian Whimbrel 1
Hudsonian Whimbrel – note the distinctive eye stripe

Hudsonian Whimbrel 2Note the central head stripe (distinguishes it from curlews)

Hudsonian Whimbrel 4The bird spent all of its time on the sandy beach at Gimble Porth

Hudsonian Whimbrel 3The Hudsonian Whimbrel is told from ‘our’ Whimbrel as it doesn’t have a white rump – instead it is buff coloured. Haven’t got any photos of this but we did see the bird fly and therefore saw its rump.

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