The 10 Tors Cross

Yesterday I attended the 10 Tors Team Managers Meeting at Okehampton Camp. It was a foggy cold day and the mist only started to clear by mid afternoon. At one point I walked up the road from the big Hangar where the main meeting was held to have a look at this cross. I had seen it many times before but hadn’t realised exactly what it represented.

Unlike most of the crosses on Dartmoor it is made of re-enforced concrete – it is also a Maltese Cross and not a Celtic one. It overlooks the moor and if you squint a bit through the fog you can see Rowtor.

The cross has a plaque on it which tells its history. Originally it was at Denbury camp which is between Newton Abbot and Torquay. The military camp is now closed and the land now houses a civilian prison but it was the original location for the first 10 Tors Expeditions. As you can see the cross was made for the Army by the people of Bovey Tracey to thank them for helping with that Town’s 700th anniversary celebrations. In 1971 it was moved to Okehampton camp when Denbury closed and became the 10 Tors Cross.

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