Some autumn moths

As Autumn kicks in the moths in the moth trap change. Here are three species I always associate with September and October.

Canary shouldered thorn 1
This is the Canary Shouldered Thorn

Canary shouldered thorn 2
It is my favourite moth – it is on the wing wing from late July to mid October but I tend to see it when the nights really start drawing in. The larvae feed on various shrub species including birch, willow and hornbeam

Canary shouldered thorn 4
What a cuddly cross-eyed chap!

This is the Sallow – the caterpillars first feed on willows but then drop off the tree and start feeding on a variety of other herbaceous plants

Lunar underwing
And this is the lunar underwing – note the dark crescent shaped mark on the forewing – a late species appearing only in September on and October – the caterpillars feed on various grasses

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