Different sheep and cattle on Dartmoor

Whilst out on Sunday near East Mill Tor came across some grazing animals. I have written about Dartmoor’s sheep before – see here. The most common sheep seen on the moor are Scotch Blackfaces the  native breeds Dartmoor whitefaces and Dartmoor grey faces are much less common – indeed the latter two are on the Endangered Breeds lists.

Herdwick sheep on Dartmoor
In between East Mill and West Mill Tors we came across a flock of Herdwick sheep – I am told they are ‘common’ on Dartmoor but I haven’t seen them here before. They are the classic Lake District breed – very hardy and stocky. Grey/black bodies with a white face.

Apparently there are around 60,000 Herdwicks in Britain with around 40,000 of these on National Trust farms in the Lake District. Beatrix Potter was a great supporter of the breed and did a lot to help with their conservation – see here.

Belted galloways
There was also a sizeable herd of Belted Galloways – the classic Dartmoor cattle – again very hardy but quite small

Brown Belted galloways
There were also a few brown Belted Galloways – same breed but the colour variety is much less common – very attractive beasts. They looked in excellent condition and there was still plenty of grass left on the moor.

What other types of sheep and cattle have you seen on the high moor? Have you seen any Herdwicks this year?




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