Out to Cranmere Pool

Had a cracking walk yesterday on the north moor – the weather was fabulous and the views were brilliant. It was the National Trust’s Wild Tribe first outing of the year with Torquay Boys Grammar School in preparation for next year’s 10 Tors campaign. This was a short walk of around 15km – the idea was to introduce new walkers to the art of navigation using a map and compass.

Cranmere Pool3
We had around 50 students and 10 adult helpers – we started at Rowtor and walked initially down the military road. This is the view back showing Fordslands Ledge on the left, High Willhays in the middle and Yes Tor on the right.

Cranmere Pool9
We then headed from the Military Road up the Taw Valley and stopped at the Ted Hughes memorial stone.

Cranmere Pool10
I have written about this stone before – see here

Cranmere Pool4
From there we headed out onto the blanket bog – in the spring this is the home of the dunlin – one of Dartmoor’s rarest birds – it is a wet and boggy place but yesterday was quite benign

Cranmere Pool1
Then onto Cranmere Pool with its famous letter boxing ‘hut’ – the pool as you can see is rather small! My job on the walk was checkpointing – a task I did with Dennis and Carey – we walked ahead of the students and then saw them safely through Cranmere Pool

Cranmere Pool11
A couple of groups arrive

Cranmere Pool2
A close up of the Cranmere Pool letterbox container

Cranmere Pool7
This contains a visitor book (which we signed) along with a couple of Letterboxing Stamps – I stamped our route card!

Cranmere Pool5
On the blanket bog we found some sundews (Drosera rotundifolia) growing on the Sphagnum moss

Cranmere Pool6
On the way back we dropped in at Ockerton Pool

Cranmere Pool8
The black line on the map indicates our route for the day. A great walk but you do need walking boots, gaiters, a map and compass especially when you leave the Military Roads. The X in a circle marks the location of the Ted Hughes Stone. (The scribblings in red are the remains of a previous walk).

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