Fingle Woods goes to Exmoor

I went up to Exmoor yesterday to give a talk to the NT Ranger community in Somerset, Gloucestershire, Dorset and Wiltshire at their annual conference on our Fingle Woods partnership with the Woodland Trust. There was a great turnout – over 100 people. They seemed to like the Fingle Woods story along with the opportunities and lessons it offers to others.

In essence we need to think big for nature, we need to dream, we need new ways of doing things and we need to work in partnership. If we can do that we can make even more of a difference and build on the amazing work that is already going on.

Dunkery 5
Here is Phil Collins – the General Manager on Exmoor talking about the amazing Holnicote Estate

Dunkery 4And here is Alex Raeder who leads on the natural environment for the NT in the South West

Dunkery 1
On the way home I went up to Dunkery Beacon – a fantastic view down to Minehead and across to Wales

Dunkery 2
The National Trust owns over 5000ha on Exmoor centred around the Holnicote Estate

Dunkery 3
Good to see the heather and gorse still in flower

Thanks for inviting me and I hope some of it was useful!





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