A kind and generous donor has enabled us to do this

There is a small field next to Cod Wood in Fingle Woods. In the past it was a flower rich meadow but some time ago it was planted up with conifers – thanks to a generous donation from one of our supporters we have been able to remove the conifers and birch scrub and start to restore the area back to a flower rich meadow which we hope in the future will benefit some of Dartmoor’s rare fritillary butterflies.

Ross's meadow 5
Here is the ‘meadow’ in April this year after the scrub had been removed.

Ross's meadow 3Here it is yesterday after it had been ‘stump ground’

Ross's meadow 2A new fence has been erected using chestnut posts and wire so that next year the meadow can be grazed by cattle – wild flowers and grasses are already returning

Ross's meadow 6And a solitary bee is feeding on an umbellifer flower

Ross's meadow 1One of our volunteers is completing the work

Ross's meadow 4Ranger Tom’s information update for the visitors

We will update progress on this project as we progress


4 thoughts on “A kind and generous donor has enabled us to do this

  1. Have you looked at the Cows with collars in burnham Beeches ? However a Devon Hedge cut and laid provides firewood , shelter. Posts and you can jump it! ( with a horse!) and provides bird food.
    Are your flowers nectar rich legumes or meadow flowers?

    • Yes – we have – we are going to trial them on Wooston Castle in a couple of years when we start to graze the hill fort. We may well plant a hedge in due course next to the fencing in the meadow. The flowers will be a mixture of nectar rich legumes and meadow flowers.

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