Wasp issues

This has been a good or a bad year for wasps depending on how you quantify it! Many catering outlets around the Region have been plagued by wasps and some have got quite desperate. At Home Farm Cafe at Parke they have got on top of the problem by using wasp traps and the ‘waspinator’. I like the idea of the waspinator as it is non lethal – the idea is that it looks like a wasps nest and therefore deters visiting wasps from the vicinity.

I could tell the difference but then again I’m not a wasp

The Home Farm Cafe explanation – in all honestly it all seems to be working – there are far fewer wasps around now than 2 weeks ago

3 thoughts on “Wasp issues

  1. When I was a child, my grandmother used a tried and tested – and effective! – method to catch wasps. We regularly ate meals outside, and the table would include a jam jar half full of water – and some jam! The jam lured the wasps in, and then they drowned. How well I remember the agony of watching the wasps this jam jar method attracted – until they settled in the jar, they’d taste our food too! We weren’t allowed to complain. Not sure if I can recommend this method or not!

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