It’s August so its grasshoppers and bush cricket time

When it comes to sunny days in August I like to go out and look for bush crickets and grasshoppers (I’m the county recorder for Orthoptera i.e. bush crickets, grasshoppers etc.). I always take a bat detector with me so I can hear their high pitched songs which help identify animals to species. Without the bat detector I can’t hear their songs!

Bat detector
My Batbox Duet detector

Roesel’s bush cricket – first recorded in Devon last summer by Karim Vahed – photo by K Bellis – a very distinctive song: like standing under high power electricity cables in the rain! Lets hope I can find some more today!

Long-winged  conehead 1The long winged cone head – sounds like a little tractor chugging along. Now very common in long grass in Devon – only arrived here a few decades ago. Should find lots of these today.

Wonder what else might turn up!

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