Another wasp – the tree wasp

We were interviewing at Finch Foundry yesterday for contractors to prepare our Conservation Management Plan for the property – I will write about this later and explain what it is all about! Before the ‘interviewees’ arrived I managed to take a few photographs of a wasp munching away on a hogweed flower.

Tree wasp 1
This is the Tree Wasp Dolichovespula sylvestris. Compare this to the Median Wasp in yesterday’s blog – see here

The patterns on the abdomen are different, there are only two yellow spots on the thorax and there are no areas of red anywhere. Also note how hairy the thorax (the bit with the two yellow spots) is.

Tree wasp 2

Here is the face of the Tree Wasp – there is no red ‘dagger’ on the yellow patch between the eyes. Some tree wasps do have a small back spot but this one doesn’t. You can also again see how hairy it is – lots of those hairs have got hogweed pollen on them.

You may have thought that a wasp was just a wasp! There are in fact many different species of social wasps in the UK – I will try and photograph some more of them in the coming days to show you the differences. In the meantime you might like to look at this excellent blog article about the different types of wasp in Nottinghamshire – see here – thank you Google and thank you Trevor and Dilys Pendleton

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