Ashclyst Forest in between the rain

Sunday was a pretty bad day weather wise – it poured with rain all morning but finally the skies cleared at 2 o clock – I ventured out to Ashclyst Forest on the Killerton Estate in search of some white admiral butterflies – I failed but I did see a few other insects before the rain came back in again at 4.30pm.

Silver Washed Fritillary-Ashclyst
Silver washed fritillaries are hardy beasts

A gatekeeper catching the fleeting sun

A battered Ringlet

Meliscaeva cinctella 2
The tiny hoverfly Meliscaeva cinctella – you can  see the halteres – the pale white blobs just below where the wings join the body – all insects have two pairs of wings – in flies the second pair are modified and are called halteres. These act as mini gyroscopes to help flies buzz around!

Rutpela maculata-Ashclyst
The common longhorn beetle Rutpela maculata – the black and yellow longhorn

Dark bush cricket-AshclystA female Dark bush cricket – you can see the sabre shaped ovipositor at the rear of the insect

So no white admirals …. I will try again during August if and when the promised heatwave returns!


2 thoughts on “Ashclyst Forest in between the rain

  1. Saw White Admirals, at the end of the Wayleave & near Snaffle Park Drive, a few days ago. Hope you find them.

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