New interpretation at Lydford Gorge

We have recently installed some new interpretation for our visitors at Lydford Gorge – I really like it.

LG iinterpretation 4
Bright new map showing you the routes and things you might see on your walk

LG iinterpretation 7
Banner at the entrance  – lots for kids to do over the summer holidays

LG iinterpretation 6
Where else can you go on Dartmoor?

LG iinterpretation 2
Information about the ancient village of Lydford – lots to see in the village too -including a Norman motte and bailey castle

LG iinterpretation 1And the infamous Lydford Castle

LG iinterpretation 3
Thank you for your support – it costs a lot every year to keep the paths open and safe

LG iinterpretation 5
And finally a thank you to our members – without you it wouldn’t be possible

LG works1
Here is where we spend some of the money – the Ranger team (staff and volunteers) repairing a flood damaged path and river bank

LG worksIt takes time and a lot of muscle power – we can’t get vehicles into the Gorge ….

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