Another speciality from Parke

Last August I found a brightly coloured bug at Killerton – I have now also found it in the Walled Garden at Parke.

Corizus hyoscyami
It is a squash bug called Corizus hyoscyami

Corizus hyocayami
It has a southern distribution and formerly was only found on the coast – as a result of climate change it is now spreading north

Black currents
The Walled Garden is looking good too – here are some black currents

FlowersAny one know what this flower is called?

5 thoughts on “Another speciality from Parke

  1. Hello Adrian, I think this flower is the montbretia (crocosmia) that is becoming an invasive weed, taking over the countryside. As they spread so quickly, people seem to get too many in their garden so instead of digging them out and burning them they put them out in country lanes and woodland tracks where they don’t belong. Your bugs, butterflies and moths are very interesting and much appreciated – keep up the good work!

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