Not all moths are dull and they have some great names

Not all moths are dull brown with dull brown names. Here are 4 from my moth trap this morning

True lover's knot
This is the wonderfully named True Lover’s Knot which I assume takes it name because the bold white and black markings look like the ‘true lover’s knot‘ – any one else know why it is named thus? It is a heathland species and the caterpillars feed on various species of heather.

Peach blossom
This is Peach Blossom – a common species – the caterpillars feed on bramble. The name of this one is more obvious!

Buff arches
This is Buff Arches – very intricately patterned – another common species again feeding on bramble. Name again obvious (buff is a colour!)

Pebble hook tipThis is a Pebble Hook Tip – another common (ish) species – caterpillars feeding this time on birch leaves.

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