More species from Hembury – some rare, some common

As well as supporting 5 species of fritillary (the three from yesterday’s blog along with pearl and small pearl bordered), Hembury is also home to a huge range of other wildlife. Here are a few pictures of some of the species currently out and about.

Grayling1This is the grayling butterfly – it is a cryptically coloured animal which is easiest to spot if it is disturbed. It is uncommon on Dartmoor – Hembury and the heathland around Castle Drogo are good places to see it.

Mottled grasshopper
This is the mottled grasshopper which again is uncommon on Dartmoor but at Hembury it occurs in very large numbers. It is identified by the presence of swollen tips to the antennae which can be clearly seen in this picture.

Field grasshopper
This is a field grasshopper – very common in Devon – looks superficially like the mottled grasshopper but no swollen tips to the antennae.

Strangalia maculata - HemburyThis is a  black and yellow long horn beetle (Rutpela maculata) – one of our more common long horns

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