50 years of the Landmark Trust with Antony Gormley

In 1965 the National Trust launched its Neptune Campaign for the Coast and in the same year the Landmark Trust was set up to conserve historic buildings so they could be used as holiday lets. So this year both organisations are celebrating 50 year anniversaries. Both organisations have strong links with each other as the NT leases Lundy to the LT.

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Landmark Trust the internationally renown artist Antony Gormley has been commissioned to create and install a number of sculptures at some of their iconic places. Here is a link to a video about the project and here is some written information about the works. I was on Lundy for a couple of days at the back end of last week on a short break and saw the Gormley installation there – it is called Daze IV. I really like it.

Gormley Daze IV 1From a distance it looks like a person staring out into the Atlantic

Gormley Daze IV 3Closer in you can see it is a metal sculpture

Gormley Daze IV 11The installation will be on site above the Devil’s Kiln in the SW corner of Lundy until May 2016. More details here.






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