Tis the season for caterpillars

There are quite a lot of different species of caterpillar out and about at the moment.

Oak eggar caterpillar
This is an oak eggar caterpillar – I photographed this one on Woodbury Common last weekend

Oak eggar 1
This is what they turn into – a male oak eggar

Oak eggar 2
A female oak eggar

Mullein caterpillarThis is also a conspicuous caterpillar – people are for ever asking me what it is! It is the caterpillar of the mullein moth which feeds on the plant figwort.

One thought on “Tis the season for caterpillars

  1. I can get to grips with many of the butterflies but trying to ident moths has left me resorting to Google since the early days of the Internet. At caterpillars I often give up.

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