The chafer and the chimney sweep

Both the following species are now out and about.

chimney sweep moth 1
This is a moth called the chimney sweeper – a black moth with white tinges on the ends of the wing

chimney sweep moth 5
It is a species of unimproved meadows – it has become rarer in the south of Britain in recent years as unimproved meadows have been ploughed up

The caterpillars of the chimney sweeper feed on pignut which on Dartmoor can be a common species in grassland so keep you eye out for the chimney sweeper

Garden chaferThis is the garden chafer beetle – I have been seeing these animals everywhere in the last few days – they are obviously having a good year and the warm weather has helped them metamorphose from pupae to adult. In the wild they do no harm but they can be a pest of formal lawns ….

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