Woodland Trust trustees visit Fingle Woods

The Trustees of the Woodland Trust visited Dartmoor on Wednesday evening and Thursday morning to visit Fingle Woods. I was invited to meet them and show them around with Dave Rickwood so we could discuss how the partnership between the two organisations was working (very well!) and show them some of the works on the ground. We were graced with warm bright sunny weather so this magical place was on its best behaviour and looked fantastic.

Trustees1Dave Rickwood (Fingle Woods Manager for the Woodland Trust) showing a draft for our joint welcome sign which will be placed at Fingle Bridge. The lady in green holding the sign is Beccy Speight the CEO of the Woodland Trust.

Trustees3 We went to the saw mill and saw our joint volunteers milling a log

Trustees4 ‘Milling’ produced planks from raw logs which we can then use – for example some of this timber is going to Lydford Gorge to be used as frames for some new birds signs we have produced. All the finger pointers at Fingle Woods were also produced in this way. All the timber  / wood from our forestry operations gets used for something productive!

Trustees6 The Woodland Trust trustees testing out the new family cycle trail along the River Teign

Trustees2 A fabulous sunny view down the Fingle Gorge

Trustees5An orange tip butterfly feeding on a bluebell

All in all it was a very successful visit and I am sure the trustees went away happy thinking we were going in the right direction, that the partnership was working very well and was a model that could and should be used elsewhere to ensure that we can both achieve more together than we could on our own.

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