Another oak from Parke

I mentioned in yesterday’s blog about the oak trees at Parke – here is one of the really special ones – this is a predunculate oak and is I expect over 200 years old.

Parke 1Parkland oak trees grow out and up – woodland oaks just grow up. Note we have placed the dead limbs that have fallen  / been removed around the base of the tree as habitat for invertebrates

Parke 3I found a dozen or so individuals of this insect on the deadwood around the base of the oak it is called Cantharis rustic – it is a type of soldier beetle

Parke 2And similarly there are a dozen or so of these too – it is a snipe fly called Rhagio scolopaceus – apparently they are also known as downlooker flies from their habit of resting their heads down on trees

Neither the soldier beetle or the snipe fly are particularly rare but it is good to see them in numbers around our great parkland oaks at Parke. Many of the long horn beetles that I wrote about earlier will be making use of the old and decaying parkland trees too

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