7 coastal questions – Coastal Festival

This year The National Trust are celebrating 50 years of caring for the coast with the Coastal Festival. We’ve been collecting stories from many people who love the coast.

Take part now with 7 questions tag – coast facts. Post with answers on your blog or facebook page and then tag 7 friends or bloggers. Here are my seven answers.

1. What’s your favourite beach? Crackington Haven: My Uncle Bill and Auntie Vera used to farm at Crackington Haven and tenanted some National Trust land near by. I used to spend all my summer holidays there – helping on the farm, learning to surf and messing about on the beach. Bill and Vera have now retired but I still go to Crackington to see them – lots of happy memories.

Crackington 1High tide at Crackington on a wild day (owned by the National Trust)

Sea or sand? Sea: I love the sea and many of my ‘hobbies’ are associated with it – gig rowing, surfing, body boarding, paddle boarding and swimming – I’m not one for lounging around on the beach…..

Exmouth 2Exmouth Gig Club rowing in the Exe Estuary in Rodney Bey

Tell a memory of being by the sea. The Northumberland Coast. Had an amazing holiday with Caroline a couple of years ago along the Northumberland coast – a total revelation! Here is Lindisfarne Castle – again National Trust – renovated by Edwin Lutyens – so a great connection too back to Dartmoor and Castle Drogo.

Lindisfarne 7Lindisfarne Castle

Puffins 4Puffins on the Farne Islands – perhaps the National Trust’s most amazing wildlife spectacle

What’s your favourite seaside food? Megrim – a rather funny looking flatfish but quintessentially Cornwall – always look for them on the menu when I am on holiday there.

A_large_megrimMegrim (via Wikimedia Commons)

Favourite ice cream flavour? Strawberry – but then again I don’t eat too many ices creams ……

Strawberries and cream

Have you lived by the sea? I live in Exton on the Exe Estuary and it is just a 20 minute cycle down to Exmouth – lucky me


Favourite place on the coast? The Isles of Scilly – been there dozens of times and never tire of it – when I win the Lottery …

St Agnes 1This is the tombolo (sand bar) between St Ages and Gugh

Blog post inspired by National Trust South West Coastal Festival & the 7 questions tag post.

I tag 7 people to take part too:  Caroline Muggridge, Ben Atkinson, Miles King, Gillian Johns, AJ Bellamy, Steve Brayshaw, Exmouth Gig Club. Looking forward to your seeing your favourite coast things!


One thought on “7 coastal questions – Coastal Festival

  1. I, too, have lovely memories of staying on your uncle’s farm and also love Northumberland and especially Lindisfarne.

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