A wet meadow

The wet meadows in the Bovey Valley at Parke are looking great at the moment – awash with the colour of buttercups, ragged robin and cuckoo flower. Restoring these meadows is currently one of our priority conservation projects.

MeadowButtercups and cuckoo flower

Ragged robinRagged robin – a good indicator of a quality unimproved wet grassland

FroghoppersA couple of red and black froghoppers Cercopis vulnerata – instantly identifiable!

froghopperThis is the distribution of the froghopper – not many records from Devon and it looks like the Parke record is a new one

BeetleThis is a thick knee flower beetle Oedemera nobilis – very common on buttercups at the moment – note the bulges on the knees and the ‘split’ wing cases

oedemeraCommon – but not that common in Devon – have been recorded before at Parke

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