Bluebells are flowering at last on Dartmoor

Because the climate on Dartmoor is harsher than the surrounding lowlands bluebells take time to come into flower – sometimes they are a month later. Well at last the bluebells on Dartmoor are now in full flower. A real treat to enjoy. Most Dartmoor woods have bluebells but if you want specific places to go try the National Trust’s Lydford Gorge, Fingle Woods, Castle Drogo Estate, Whiddon Deer Park, Parke, Hembury, Holne, Shaugh Prior Woods and Plymbridge Woods! Plenty to choose from.

BluebellA bluebell in the Teign Valley


Bluebell2Bluebells in the sunshine

Greater stitchwortAlso flowering now – greater stitchwort

PignutJust coming into leaf – the distinctive pignut


A little later in the year those wonderful bluebell lawns will appear – see here for more details.


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