Isles of Scilly finale

It is my last day on the Isles of Scilly today. Here are a selection of photos from yesterday which I think sum up what I have been doing for the last 10 days – birds, views and gigs!

Wood sandpiperThis is a wood sandpiper photographed on the pool at Higher Moors

GarganeyThis is a female garganey being rather shy (note the wood sandpiper lurking in the background!)

Night heron2Felt rather bad at not attempting to photograph a night heron before – this is my best effort – 4 came in to roost at Lower Moors last night

DolphinThere are just two gigs on the beach now – both local boats – left where they were landed after the men’s final – I guess now that the seas are back to something sensible they will be rowed home soon. This is the Dolphin, it is a St Martin’s boat and was built in 1967

LyonesseAnd here is the Lyonesse – a St Mary’s boat on loan to St Agnes

PorthcressaPorth Cressa beach in the sunshine

Black woodpeckerFinally ….. I have never seen this before but apparently it has been here for years …. a comedy wooden black woodpecker on a telegraph pole near Porth Mellon … never recorded in the UK but we all live in hope which is why so many of us will return to Scilly again.

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