Finch Foundry’s insects and plants

Had a meeting at Finch Foundry yesterday with Ben the Manager. Afterwards I had a quick look around the garden and managed to photograph some interesting insects and plants.

Finch bee fly 1 Bee fly (Bombylius major)  on a Vinca. Bee flies are common in Devon and in the lower parts of Dartmoor at this time of year. They have an interesting lifestyle and I have written about them before – see here.

Finch bee fly 2 Close up of the proboscis of the bee fly feeding on a blue grape hyacinth. It is a fly mimicking a common carder bumblebee

Helophilus FinchThe hoverfly Helophilus pendulous on an ox eye daisy

Finch flower Blue grape hyacinth

Finch primrosePrimroses

Finch wheelsAnd of course a bit of machinery!

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