The trials and tribulations of a garden bumblebee

I found this rather moribund garden bumblebee (Bombus hortorum) on a path in the garden this morning.

Garden bumblebee 1

You identify the different species of bumblebee by the banding patterns on their thorax and abdomen. The garden bumblebee has yellow bands at the top and bottom of the thorax (section immediately below the head) and a yellow section and a white tail on the abdomen (section which includes the end/tail).

Garden bumblebee 2I decided to try and revitalise the bumblebee with some honey and a little water. You can see the bumblebee’s tongue feeding on the honey.

Garden bumblebee 3Time will tell whether she recovers – this is a queen. She is now moving around and waiting for the temperature to rise.

UPDATE 2 hours later

Garden bumblebee 4Bumblebee flexing her wings

Garden bumblebee 5A poor picture….. but now back on natural sources of nectar

I call that a success!

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