Haldon Belvedere

Haldon Belvedere (also known as Lawrence Castle) sits on the top of the Haldon Forest ridge at 244m above Exeter. It gives commanding views of Devon in all directions. It is also a landmark that it often visible and easy to pick out when on Dartmoor and elsewhere.

It is a folly that was built in the 18th century and is now maintained by the Devon Historic Buildings Trust. It is open most Sundays but you need to check if you are going to visit just to make sure. It is a wedding venue and hosts an amazing holiday flat which you can rent.

We went up yesterday afternoon to have a look around – what an amazing day for a visit. Here are a few photos.

Belvedere1Up the main drive

Belvedere3 One of the three Towers – it is a triangular building

Belvedere4Restored in the 1990s but now again in need of a coat of paint!

Belvedere6A spiral staircase with 99 steps takes you to the roof

Belvedere9Amazing views over to Dartmoor – that’s Cosdon Beacon in the distance

Belvedere5Across to Haytor

Belvedere7 In the afternoon sun

Belvedere2Spectacular rhododendrons around the grounds

Well worth a visit – it’s only £2 to get in but you do need to be able to walk up the 99 steps to get the best views from the roof

One thought on “Haldon Belvedere

  1. My husband and I stayed here for our 50th birthdays (some years ago now!) – it was just an amazing place to stay. The views on light evenings and in the early morning were fabulous. I cannot recommend it enough. Thank you for happy reminders with this post!

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