In search of the beavers on the Otter

In case you have missed the story – there are beavers in the wild  in Devon again! It is quite a long and complicated story but you can see a full account so far here. As a result we went for a short walk (and a cup of tea) from Budleigh Salterton to Otterton Mill on the River Otter to see if we could see any signs of the beavers.

Otter3This is a close as we got! (and there’s always one with the ‘witty’ wildlife sightings comment)

I suspect that the stretch from the sea to Otterton Mill is just too busy for the beavers except in the depth of the night – there really were a lot of people out yesterday on that walk and quite right too – it was a lovely day.

Otter2Alder ‘cones’

Otter1Willow flowers

Otter4And a couple of lovely swans

Well lets hope that the beavers flourish and are not persecuted  – its good to see an extinct species return – lets hope its the first of many…..

And well done Devon Wildlife Trust for making it happen

2 thoughts on “In search of the beavers on the Otter

  1. your photos of the swans and an earlier one of the sailboat at low tide (from a previous post) are stunningly beautiful. like fine old oil paintings. may i have permission to put them on pinterest?
    i lived three years in deepest devon near dartmoor. it is sorely missed as am now in america. your blog is a my re-connect and an utter joy.
    keep up the extraordinary work you do.
    many thanks. 🙂

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