A walk in Fingle Woods

Yesterday I led a walk around Fingle Woods for the Dartmoor Preservation Association. When we started off the wind was strong and the drizzle was hard but fortunately once we got going into the Woods we hardly seemed to notice it.

I talked about our partnership with the Woodland Trust, how was came to buy the woods and discussed our plans for the future.

DPA-Fingle 1The weir between Fingle Bridge and Clifford Bridge

DPA-Fingle 2It is still early spring but at least the wild daffodils were flowering

DPA-Fingle 3The highlight of the day for me was finding this otter spraint on the river bank

DPA-Fingle 4As a result of the rain the river was pretty high and quite wild

DPA-Fingle 5Back to Fingle Bridge

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