Parke’s lambs are here

The lambs are back at Parke! The farmer lambs at his home farm and then brings the ewes and lambs over to Parke – so day by day the numbers are building up.

Sheep 1Keeping close together in the early days

LambPretty confident youngster

Will still be a few weeks before the lambs appear on the high moor

3 thoughts on “Parke’s lambs are here

  1. Hello I know this is a little off topic , but a friend of mine here in Canada says he has relatives that sheep farm in your area , Dartmoor, Devin and he is trying to reconnect, my friend mother ‘s name is Mary Grace Page her married name is Dixon she lives in Eastbourne, my friends name is Richard Dixon . If you know the sheep farmer in your area that is related to Mary from Eastbourne and mother to Richard please email me at (
    Thanks Kendall McCulloch

      • Thank-you
        My Friend Richard Dixon that lives here in Canada but is from Eastburne UK is hoping to reconnect with these relatives mainly because his Mother that presently lives in Eastbourne is ill and in hospital, I think put am not totally sure that the sheep farmer in your area may be a sister to my friends mom in Eastbourne, anyways thanks again

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