Lydford Gorge’s health and safety

My job can be very varied. Yesterday I spent the day at Lydford Gorge with our Area Ranger Adrian Shaw, a couple of people from the Trust’s Operational Risk Team, a lady from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and another lady who is an Environmental Health Officer (EHO) representing local authorities with regard to the National Trust in England. The aim was to detail our approach, at Lydford Gorge and therefore the National Trust as a whole, to visitor safety. I suppose it is natural to be anxious whenever the HSE or an EHO visits one of our properites but on this occasion it was for a fact finding visit opposed to an enforcement one!

Gorge 1 On the viewing platform in the Devil’s Cauldron
Scarlet elf cup On the way round we found some scarlet elf cups (Sarcoscypha coccinea) which are becoming rare in Britain and Europe and as a result have been red listed!

Fungus_We also found this rather splendid and common bracket fungus on a fallen tree by the White Lady Waterfall
Gorge 2The White Lady Waterfall
Gorge3The White Lady again accompanied by one of our winter reindeer

All in all the meeting was very successful. However I had to mention to the four Health and Safety specialists as they left the Gorge that they had in fact been rather fortunate as the Gubbins tend not to like their type and couldn’t have noticed their visit!

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