The new Drogo installations – must see

As promised in yesterday’s blog here is a quick introduction to Castle Drogo’s new installations. We only had 30 minutes to whizz around yesterday before we ‘shot up’ onto the roof. I will definitely return and have a more detailed look. Before then here is a little insight and some photos. The full photo set can be seen here.

Drogo 4The Castle entrance – the works office 1911 and 2015

Drogo 12An installation in the ‘library’ – the history of the Drewes and Drogo illustrated on a model of the Scullery lantern – Julius Drewe himself

Drogo 20The recently refurbished chandelier in the main living room

Drogo 21The restored huge window on the main staircase – with  the scaffolding in the background

Drogo 23The amazing restored Louis 4th tapestry – only one of five in the world – look at those colours

Drogo 26The back of the tapestry showing the repairs and the ‘reversed’ face

Drogo 36A woodlouse – a potential inhabiter, if the Castle were not to be repaired

Drogo 38The ‘outside in’  – Dartmoor striving to enter Drogo

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