Photographing birds and mammals – it’s all the rage

Pictures of birds and mammals are all the rage at the moment and were certainly very popular on Twitter yesterday. Search on  #weaselwoodpecker or #woodpeckerweasel for example. If you don’t know what I’m talking about I assume you are not on Twitter, are new to Facebook or perhaps this is your first day on Earth? See here for a clue if you are baffled.

To be honest it had made me feel rather inadequate – my offering today is indeed a mammal and a bird but firstly they are not even in the same frame and secondly one is not getting a ride from the other…. otherwise I hope you enjoy them.

House sparrow 1A male house sparrow

Squirrel 1A ground feeding squirrel

Squirrel 2BUT to cap it all a squirrel riding on a bird …………… feeder

 …….. Just joining in all the fun!

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