A meeting with the Woodland Trust at the British Library

I travelled up to London yesterday to meet a colleague from the Woodland Trust to discuss our forthcoming plans for joint interpretation and other matters at Fingle Woods. London is about half way between Grantham where the Woodland Trust are based and Devon. We met at the British Library which is well served with tube trains from Paddington and near to King’s Cross.

It was my first visit to the British Library which is an impressive building – I watched it being built on and off during the mid 1990s – it opened to the public in 1997.

The famous reading rooms were originally at the British Museum – this is where Marx, for example researched his theories, but in 1997 the library moved lock stock and barrel to its new site on the Euston Road. The library is huge, contains a copy of every book published in Britain and Ireland and of course contains many very special and rare treasures – see here for more details. The next big event at the British Library is the forthcoming Magna Carta exhibition which starts in mid March – see here for ticket details.

I of course took at few photographs!

British Library 8The impressive entrance which reveals Eduardo Paolozzi’s Newton

British Library 1The piazza which shows the modernist extent of the Library with the towers of St Pancras station in the background

British Library 5Antony Gormley’s piece – ‘Witness – in honour of the ninetieth anniversary of the English Pen’ in front of the clock tower

British Library 4Another Gormley – one of the carved stones which makes up the circular ‘Planets’  installation

British Library 6A plane passes of the Library  and another piece of art (unattibuted)

British Library 2Inside the Library – the main entrance

British Library 3 I really like this sculpture – book, chain and ball – its not a borrowing library!

British Library 7And of course there are books ….. lots of books

2 thoughts on “A meeting with the Woodland Trust at the British Library

  1. I too happened to be in the British Library yesterday – and it is an amazing space, especially on a sunny day as it was yesterday. Your last pic is of the books of the King’s Library, more info here: http://www.bl.uk/reshelp/findhelprestype/prbooks/georgeiiicoll/george3kingslibrary.html But I will just add that I think it is one of the most brilliant things about this building that the architect (Colin St John Wilson) has incorporated this tower of the founding collection into the centre of the space. They are very valuable books, so we can’t all reasonably handle them – but we can see them! And wow! – do they look stunning presented in this way!

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