Oliver Rackham 1939-2015

Oliver Rackham died last week. Rackham was an academic at Cambridge University (Corpus Christi) whose work helped us understand the countryside and in particular ancient woodlands.

DIGITAL CAMERABy Wozzy25 (Own work) [GFDL (http://www.gnu.org/copyleft/fdl.html) via Wikimedia Commons

I first met Oliver Rackham in 1986 on one of his legendary Field Studies Council courses based at Flatford Mill in Suffolk. We spent the week visiting numerous ancient woodlands where Rackham explained the clues to their history lurking in the undergrowth.

Rackham books

Here is a selection of the books he wrote – all are classics. If you haven’t read any Rackham before I suggest you start with The History of the Countryside. A few months ago I wrote a short review of his last book – The Ash Tree.

Rackham books 2From my copy of ‘History of the Countryside’

Rackham was a formidable academic and a huge figure in the British nature conservation movement – he will be sorely missed by many of us

One thought on “Oliver Rackham 1939-2015

  1. Lovely blog post Adrian – and heart-felt too, it’s easy to tell. I have to confess that despite my love of countryside books I haven’t read any of those by Rackham. I’ll put that right though, so thanks for posting this and alerting me to them.

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