A visit to Fingle Woods with the National Park Authority

Yesterday Dave Rickwood from the Woodland Trust and I spent the morning at Fingle Woods with the Dartmoor National Park Authority explaining how we jointly manage the woods for wildlife and people.

Fingle 1A bit of mist in the Gorge

Fingle 2So many different colours

Fingle 3Dave Rickwood – in the centre (Woodland Trust) with Peter Harper on the left (Chair of the Dartmoor National Park Authority) and Kevin Bishop on the right (Chief Executive of the DNPA) in Cod Wood

It was a good opportunity for us to show the DNPA what we have been up to since we bought Fingle Woods and well as explaining what our plans for the future are.

It is also interesting to note that between the Woodland Trust and the National Trust we have invested around £17m into the local economy at Fingle Woods and Castle Drogo over the past couple of years! That’s a lot of work for lots of people as well as a boost for a lot of existing local businesses.

Fingle 5Management work has started this winter – the conifer stands are being thinned

Fingle 4Amongst the conifers there are a lot of old broadleaved trees waiting to see the sun again

Fingle 6Weir on the River Teign in Fingle Woods

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