Perhaps you are surprised that this is one of our busiest times of the year?

Maybe you think that all National Trust places are closed in February so it must be pretty quiet for us all at the moment?

Well – think again  – lots of our ‘pay for entry properties’ are actually open – check out the NT website for details  here and of course our countryside is always open – that’s approaching 8000 acres on Dartmoor…. we are always busy!

It is also a time when we are getting ready for half term – which is next week (it only seemed that Christmas was last week?) Here are a few photos from Lydford Gorge today where lots of people were busy sprucing the place up.

IMG_3110In an hour’s time both the door and the down pipe will be Lydford green

IMG_3108Some clever patching work on the entrance to Visitor Reception – the Dartmoor weather does take its toll and we need to keep on top of it!

IMG_3109So why am I showing you this? A gate post by the Tearoom entrance?  This is a new post replacing the one which was ‘destroyed’ last year by solitary wasps…. Don’t believe me – look at these two blog posts from last summer – here and here.

Ectemnius6This is the culprit!

FullSizeRenderAnd finally ….. February is a big month also for planning meetings in the National Trust – we had such a meeting this morning at Lydford Gorge and very kindly, my partner Caroline baked this ‘dual’ tart – fruit on one side and treacle on the other to help us through the .. detail in the agenda. Much enjoyed and appreciated by the Lydford (and later in the day Parke) teams – thanks Caroline :))

Maybe this is the beginning of a ‘Test Match Special’ Cake Thing – let’s hope so!

Feel free to email me for delivery details.


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