Sexton’s Cottage – the new Gallery floor

Pam Thomas our shop manager in Widecombe has been working really hard over the winter transforming the first floor of Sexton’s Cottage into a new Gallery floor – a place where Dartmoor and Devon crafts people can exhibit and sell their work.

I spent a couple of hours there yesterday with my friend Jon Hare of Full Fat Photography taking some shots of the new gallery. I got in late last night and am off again in a minute so here is my starter for 10 – a series of pictures of the type of things that we are now selling. More details will follow elsewhere soon. I posted 65 pictures on my Flickr account here and 12 photos follow below.

Gallery 6

Gallery 4

Gallery 19

Gallery 66

Gallery 60

Gallery 56

Gallery 43

Gallery 40


Gallery 28

Gallery 17

Gallery 11


Gallery 7Amazing – brilliant stuff Pam –  a superb new part of our shop full of locally made things

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