More garden birds ….

A very disappointing day for me – I am laid low with a horrid head cold. Had to pull out of 10 Tors training at 7am this morning (sorry team) and I’ve also had to pull out of the Plymbridge Nightrun I was running this evening……

So the only pictures I have to blog today are some garden birds I photographed earlier in the week.

House sparrowA male house sparrow

NuthutchA nuthatch – one of my favourites

GreenfinchA greenfinch

ChaffinchA chaffinch

RobinA robin

We’ve got a good selection of bird feeders in our garden and they certainly attract a good range of birds. A small consolation today.

2 thoughts on “More garden birds ….

  1. Hi Adrian… Sorry you’ve got a cold… same here! But at least I’m in NZ where it’s a lot warmer!
    Love the bird photos though… seen some strange ones out here.

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