Parke’s winter thrushes

I was out and about around Parke yesterday and tried to photograph some of the winter thrushes there. Parke has good populations of blackbird,  song and mistle thrushes as well as the winter migrant redwings.

BlackbirdHere is a female blackbird

Mistle thrushA beautifully marked mistle thrush

Song thurshA song thrush in the mud

RedwingA distant redwing – a poor photo but the white eye stripe and the red flanks are clearly visible

Redwing1Here is a better redwing – photographed on the Isles of Scilly. Redwings will leave Parke in March and head north to breed in  northern Europe’s conifer and birch forests.

The other winter thrush is the fieldfare but I have failed to photograph one yet. They particularly like hawthorn berries – I will keep my eyes open and hopefully will snap one soon!

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