2 new National Trust campaigns: Land Map and Landscapes for Everyone

The National Trust has launched a couple of things in the last few weeks that you may be interested in. The first is an on-line land map which shows you exactly where all the land owned by the Trust is situated.

Screen Shot 2015-02-01 at 09.37.54Here is the section showing Dartmoor. The different colours refer to exactly when they land was acquired.

Here is a link to our national press office blog which gives you a bit more background and here is the link to the Land Map web site.

Secondly the NT has teamed up with a number of other organisations to raise the profile and importance of landscapes in our lives – you can see more about this campaign here and you can download the document yourself here: Landscapes for everyone

One thought on “2 new National Trust campaigns: Land Map and Landscapes for Everyone

  1. Nice idea but
    (a) pity such a useless “map” was used as the base-map – these vector “maps” which are becoming so common are not really “maps”, but are more “diagrams” as a quick comparison with an OS 1:25000 map shows. I find them almost unusable.
    (b) the dates for the properties are given, but there is no way to see what type of properties they are, or what kind of access is available (eg is this an open space for walking, or is this a property)
    (c) it would be great if the data was available for download, eg as .SHP files (this is a standard format – OS use it for their Parish Boundary data for example), so that I could put them on my own base maps at home. I could then use the software that I have to plan trips easily and properly.

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