The friendly robin

One of the ever present features of Parke are our robins. One of the reasons we all like robins is that they appear very friendly and almost tame – for good or bad they almost seem to trust us!

RobinThis  robin was very obliging yesterday – it allowed me to get closer and closer as I attempted to photograph him

As we all know the red breast signifies that this is an adult – robins are pretty aggressive to each other as they defend their territories. Interestingly robins defend territories throughout the winter – very unusual for a British bird. To find out more about this behaviour listen to Tweet of the Day here. Even this morning in the dark, the wind and the cold I can hear a robin singing away in my garden defending this territory and waiting for the spring. I find that reassuring.

We might have some rough weather coming up over the next few days so it is worth making sure your bird feeders are filled up!

6 thoughts on “The friendly robin

  1. At Steps Bridge we have trained a few of the woodland robins to feed from our hands – some perch there for quite a time. Others, less brave, watch while we put the food down and then rush in to grab it.
    Although robins are said to be “territorial”, they all seem to get close together when I am feeding them

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