Three maps to explore Dartmoor with

When we were out on Saturday with the National Trust Wild Tribe 10 Tors teams I found the remains of this Ordnance Survey map buried deep within a hedge near Fernworthy.

Map3I wonder what the story was behind this episode – was it an act or random littering or the consequences of some apocalyptic weather?  I will never know but lets hope everyone got home ok!

Map1It made me think about Dartmoor maps – there are three main maps available for the walker – 2 OS maps – one at 1:50,000 and one at 1:25,000 (this one has more detail) and the Harvey map at 1:40,000 (scale in between the other two)

As you can see my purple 1:50,000 maps is rather old – bought for £2.20 from a bookshop in Sidwell Street that is long gone…. – still works perfectly well as Dartmoor doesn’t change that much – of course Okehampton will be a lot smaller than it currently is on my old map!

Map2I suspect most people are familiar with the OS maps but maybe you haven’t seen the Harvey map – here is a bit of detail showing our land along the Plym Valley. The Harvey maps is good at pulling out the topography and making it understandable.

All three maps work perfectly well – assuming you can read a map ….. – I must say though that my map of choice is the OS 1:25,000.

Happy exploring whatever map you choose


3 thoughts on “Three maps to explore Dartmoor with

  1. On my SWMMLTS courses for leading groups walking on Dartmoor, we were taught always to carry a spare map in case the one we were using got ripped out of our hands by the wind… which was aptly demonstrated one day when the instructor’s map suffered that fate! It’s no coincidence that you found the remains of a map on the east side of Dartmoor, as the gales usually blow from the west. Hopefully Ordnance Survey maps are not too harmful to the environment – at least the paper ones should biodegrade OK although I’m not so sure about the laminated ones most of us use nowadays.

  2. I love those old maps, I even have some older ones that are printed/mounted onto cotton threads.
    It’s good practice (that I give any of my outstanding navigators on DofE) to swap between 1:25000 and 1:50000 without comparing the two, and I get the Harvey’s out if I’m feeling really mean!

  3. I’m an OL28 girl myself and I now have the wonderful laminated one . My sister gave it to me after seeing the holes in all the folds of my old one caused by many a soggy outing on the moor.

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