Marsh fritillaries

Whilst we were out on 10 Tors training on Saturday we came across a marsh fritillary project run by South West Lakes Trust. Marsh fritillaries are one of the very special and very rare butterflies that live on Dartmoor. The caterpillars feed on devil’s bit scabious plants and the adults fly in May and June.

Warren House walk 3Information board on the northern shores of Fernworthy reservoir

marshfrit I have never seen a marsh fritillary in the UK but I did manage to photograph this one over 15 years ago in Portugal

Warren House walk 10 The project is using these Dartmoor ponies to manage the rhos pastures (wet flower rich Dartmoor meadows) where they live

Warren House walk 12The area consists of open grassland and patches of scrub – along with a very useful boardwalk

Warren House walk 11Great multi stemmed moss covered trees

Warren House walk 6 Lovely light through the trees to the pastures beyond

I will definitely be going back in June to see if I can find and photograph the butterflies

2 thoughts on “Marsh fritillaries

  1. Good to know the pay-and-display carpark fees we pay at Fernworthy are being well used to support such a project (or if people don’t like having to find coins membership of SW Lakes Trust is a charitable donation to a worthy cause that also gets free parking at all their sites across Devon & Cornwall)

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