Warren House Inn walk

I have called this walk the ‘Warren House Inn’ walk simply because that is where we started and finished! I didn’t manage to get into the Inn at the beginning or the end … This was the first 10 Tors training walk of the year and the weather was a little bit challenging.

Warren House walk 1This is our 55 mile team training route – WHI up to Fernworthy, onto Watern Tor, back to Fermnworthy, over to Kes Tor and back via Fernworthy reservoir

Warren House walk 4This is the weather at the Warren House Inn looking over to Sousson’s – it doesn’t show up well but this is a good example of horizontal rain

Warren House walk 7Tony and I were check pointing so we had a little search for this brilliant  cist on the northern banks of Fernworthy Reservoir

Warren House walk 8Looking up to Kes Tor – the rain has stopped but the wind was picking up and the temperatures were dropping

Warren House walk 13A team arrives at Kes Tor and shelters in the lee of the Tor – you couldn’t stand up on the other side!

Warren House walk 9From Kes Tor looking over to Chagford and the white Castle Drogo big top

Warren House walk 2Captured this lovely scene on Chagford Common by the North Walla Brook

Good walking start to the New Year!

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