Protecting Dawlish Warren

I was down on Dawlish Warren yesterday and saw the new defences taking shape. They are rather dramatic! Dawlish Warren is a National Nature Reserve and a Special Area of Conservation!

Warren 1This new structure has been built on the Warren near to the Visitor Centre – it is there to stop the spit at the Warren being cut in two by the sea

Here is a news report about the work and here is the government technical report.

The major worry is that if the Warren sand dunes and spit are lost to a storm the rest of the estuary e.g the village of Dawlish Warren and Exmouth along with the mainline railway will be at much higher risk of erosion, flooding and damage.

This is a major consequence of climate change, rising sea levels and increased storminess. Even today the Environment Agency have published a report stating that Severe Flood Warnings in Devon and Cornwall doubled in the last few years – 32 last year compared to 13 in 2012 (see here). Worrying times ahead I would suggest – time to tackle the causes of climate change?

Warren 2In the meantime the brent geese carry on regardless



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