South African Knights in Exeter

This post has nothing to do with Dartmoor or the environment! But it does encompass one of my other loves: squash. Tonight at the Devon and Exeter Squash and Racketball Club (where I am a member) we were hosts to the South African Knights. These guys are basically the SA under 23 squash squad  and they are  on tour in the UK from the 1st Dec- 13th Jan.

There are 5 guys sponsored by the Knights Trust to promote squash in South Africa. They play around the UK and are put up by UK families as they play their way around. They have been coming to the UK for 27 year now. The format is that the 5 Knights play the best 5 players in each squash club they visit. Great stuff. I couldn’t stay until the end but when I let it was 1:1.

Knights1Here is the tour programme

knights2A match on our glass back court – we were 2 up in this match and lost it 3-2 ….



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