Clearing the leat at Finch Foundry

Yesterday a team of volunteers from Sticklepath village, along with STOCs (The Sticklepath and Okehampton Conservation Group), Ian Brooker from the DNPA and the National Trust carried out the annual clearance of the leat at Sticklepath. The leat feeds the Foundry at Finch which enables us to turn the waterwheels. Thank you to everyone who took part. We were very lucky with the weather too! And also a big thank you to the householders who allowed us to access the leat where it runs through their properties. Afterwards we had tea and doughnuts and then a pint in the Devonshire Inn! Here are a few pictures from the day.

Leat 6The River Taw just before the sluice gate to the leat

Leat 7Ben Shapcott, Finch Foundry’s Manager clearing the leat by the sluice

Leat 5Members of STOC clearing the leat near the Foundry

Leat 3A cup of tea afterwards

Leat 4This apparently is a modern doughnut!

Leat 2A pint of Dartmoor afterwards in the Devonshire Inn

Leat 1The pub dog! The Devonshire Inn is a classic old Dartmoor pub – if you like an old fashioned pub then a visit is a must. Thank you to the Devonshire Inn too for supporting our efforts with soup and beer!

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