St Clement’s Day – Finch Foundry 2014

Saturday was a lovely bright, crisp and sunny day – a perfect day for St Clement’s Day at Finch Foundry. There was a very good turnout of visitors too and a good turnout of blacksmiths. (St Clement is the patron saint of blacksmiths). Full photo set here.

St Clems 1The annual blacksmith’s competition is underway

St Clems 15First lady I have seen for a few years

St Clems 13The classic Finch Foundry snail

St Clems 14Finch’s anvil which the legendary Dave Denford ‘fires’ throughout the day – good to see Dave at Finch and looking well

St Clems 6One of the many fires

St Clems 3Repairs are about to start of the hammer at the Foundry

St Clems 4Should all be ready and up and running again for next season

St Clems 9The team from Lydford Gorge was selling Christmas goodies

St Clems 2The water wheel continues to turn!

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